Describe Love…?

I wrote this piece in May 2006. I found it as I was looking through my old writings, and was reminded of my 19-year-old self. I thought of sharing it:

How can anyone talk about “love” without sounding too cheesy?
It strikes me as somewhat impossible
If I speak of it in a rather dull tone, I’d sound like a newspaper journalist
And if I spoke of it with my emotions I’d sound cheesy
What is love, though, if not emotions?
Should I speak of it biologically?
They’re chemicals that the brain produces to entice the nerves, send heat and warmth throughout the body and give the human being a good feeling
Or perhaps I should speak of it philosophically?
It’s the meeting of two souls that became separated in the physical universe. Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows one how one should be.
How would a dictionary define the term?
Something like, “A deep, tender feeling of affection towards a person. A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is willing to make his or her partner; the emotion of sex and romance.”

I should speak of love the way that I see it.
Simply put, love is:

Maybe someday, somehow, love will finally be able to conquer all… We can only hope


As I’m typing this, I’m backing up my data on my new 1 TB USB 3.0 external hard drive from Western Digital (WD). I’m sharing this information with you because the Samsung has two USB 3.0 slots, which is supposedly much faster than the standard USB 2.0 slot (you can differentiate them by the color of the USB slot, the 2.0 being black and the 3.0 is blue). Well, it’s certainly faster. I don’t know about “much” faster though. Maybe I’m just difficult to please, lol, but I’ll say this: Transferring files between my older computer and this new one took me around 3 to 4 hours last night (200 GB, more or less) on my USB 2.0 external HD. So, anything less than an hour should be awesome for me.

Let me tell you what led me to want to buy a new computer. Basically, my old Toshiba Qosmio X305 is pretty much fried. I had that graphic card replaced around 3 times, it kept failing. Also, it kept overheating and frying my system. It was definitely dying. I also spent a buttload of money on it: 12,000 AED or $3,260. Yeah, I was NOT making that same mistake again. Shouldn’t pay so much for something that wouldn’t even last me at least 3 years. Therefore, I started shopping…

And I really wanted a MacBook Pro. I mean, REALLY. But, sadly, this new line isn’t using the NVIDIA graphic card. Bummer, quality matters a lot to me…

I basically wanted something of good quality that wasn’t ridiculously overpriced. Durability is also important. So, I browsed. It seems that a couple of brands were known for durability, and Samsung was one of them. The price was pretty good, too. I decided on the new RF511 S04:

3,800 AED or $1,030 for the following specs:

– Intel 2nd gen i7 processor

– Windows 7

– Nvidia Optimus 1 GB dedicated graphics card

– 6 GB RAM

– Bluray disc

– 2 USB 3.0 slots, and 2 USB 2.0 slots

– SRS speakers

– 750 GB HDD

Sweet deal? Yeah, I thought so too.

The design is very minimal, just plain black. I’m guessing that contributed to the cheaper price. The speakers are pretty good, I’m actually listening to music right now and the quality isn’t bad at all. This, coming from someone with Beats headphones (the Dr Dre ones), and who owned a Qosmio with Harman/Kardon speakers. So, you know I’m into audio quality. I’m listening to this song, by the way:

Unpretty/Pretty Mashup by Glee: http://gummybeargleeks.tumblr.com/post/4809444044/2×18-i-feel-pretty-unpretty-mash-up-sung

I just keep repeating it, over and over. I’ll write about what that song means to me in another post. The mashup and duet are quite good (I’d have preferred just Unpretty, but this isn’t bad either).

Okay, what else? The quality of graphics on this computer are pretty good, too. One comment, though. When I watch a video or something, sometimes I feel the keyboard gets a little warm. When I check on Speedfan, I see the temperate sometimes go between 50 C – 60 C (normal temperature should be less than 50 C, with 30 or 40 C being ideal – take it from someone with experience with overheating issues), so I’m a little freaked that I may run into overheating problems with this computer after continuous usage. It’s brand spanking new and it’s already going up to 50-ish temperatures. I hope nothing happens.

Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the computer. As for weight, it’s pretty light, ESPECIALLY compared to that huge Qosmio which used to break my shoulder when I’d carry it around. It’s fast, too, so I like that!

If there are no overheating problems in the future, I predict that I’d remain happy with this laptop.

When I was around 12 years old I started reading very age inappropriate novels by authors such as Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, Marian Keyes, and, most importantly, Sidney Sheldon. If you’re not familiar with these authors, then you should know that their novels vary in theme, ranging from cheesy romance to drama and thrillers. What they do have in common, though, is the adult content. They used explicit language and also contained occassional “soft” X-rated material. It was certainly targeted towards the adult crowd, and was written at a more mature level.

It isn’t a really big deal… except, I was 12. Yeah, shut up.

At that point, I had had enough of the novels targeted towards the younger audience, such as R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike (yeah, I was really into the teenage horror scene). It’s not that they weren’t good, it’s just that I wanted a change.

Enter Sidney Sheldon.

He wrote so well! He ends each chapter with a cliffhanger and keeps you hungry for more. You tell yourself: Okay, I’ll end this chapter and then shut the book and go eat. You end the chapter, and OMG what the hell just happened?! Wait, I absolutely HAVE to know what’s going to happen next. You then find yourself turning the page to the next chapter to find out, and you suddenly forget about your food or whatever it is that you have to get to! You’re truly immersed into his world. His descriptions of the characters had you living in their universe. To sum, he was legit awesome. A seriously good author. If I had to criticize him I’d say I wasn’t a fan of his open, ambiguous endings where the reader is given the opportunity to reach any conclusion. I really just wanted to know what actually happened to the characters rather than reach my own conclusions; yeah, I’m THAT lazy HAHAHA.  Nonetheless, I’m proud to say I read every single novel. That’s right. Each and every one.

So, while my classmates were reading Harry Potter (which I hadn’t started reading until my senior undergraduate year, but I’ll talk about that in another post), I was reading Sidney Sheldon et al. I also specifically remember how my older cousins and even one teacher didn’t really approve of my reading choices. They wouldn’t really know what to do; they would refuse to lend me the more “mature” novels but would still discuss them with me HAHAHA. In any case, Sheldon et al was a big part of shaping my passion for reading (and fast reading skills). I’m really big on books. I’m also not into just one genre. I read on a wide variety of topics; anything interesting, basically. His style was pretty captivating, which is what made me purchase all his books.

Sheldon started as a TV writer, mostly popular for I Dream of Jeannie (1965 – 70) and then made the transition into novel writing in the early 1970s. He struggled with bipolar disorder his entire life – even attempting suicide once, at the age of 17.  I believe his demons were reflected in some of his characters’ own demons at times. He passed away at the age of 89 in 2007, and the news really saddened me because I’m such a fan. To me, it meant the end of new Sheldon novels… He did live a long life though, and he lived it fully. He influenced many people along the way, including myself.

So, here’s to you Sheldon. You were a big part of my childhood and adolescence. You were the reason many kids at school thought I was weird for reading “old people books” , and you’re also the reason “old people” looked at me with disapproving eyes. You’re also pretty much the reason I was reading at a more advanced level than my peers at the time, which really helped me with my language skills. Most importantly, you were also one hell of a kickass author.

May you Rest In Peace!

P.S., if you’re curious about Sheldon and want to read one of his books, I really recommend you purchase Master of the Game. Extremely, EXTREMELY excellent and awesome!

Okay, this story is a little embarrasing. Actually, make that a whole lot of embarrassing. What, don’t judge me, I needed to park somewhere!

So I’m driving and reach my destination. Obviously, I need to park somewhere. I literally u-turn four times in my search for an empty spot, and don’t find any! At this point I’m frustrated. Alright, and then, against my better judgment, I enter a place which clearly says PARKING FOR RESIDENTS ONLY. I think to myself well I’ll be in and out, thirty minutes max.

It shouldn’t be a big deal, right?


I’m quickly done with running my errands within the thirty minutes. I’m feeling pretty good about myself and walk to my car, anticipating a quick exit.

I guessed wrong…

Someone had parked their car SIDEWAYS right behind mine! Locking me into my spot. Damn.

I get in anyway, hoping the owner would show up. Then, this guy comes up to me and tells me that I should talk to the owner of this spot and that he lives in apartment number whatever. Um, oops, I have to talk to someone? Can’t he just move his car and I can give a quick apologetic wave? No? Errrrr, ouch my burning face… I follow the guy and go to the apartment. I’m a little scared cause the building looks like it’s literally falling apart and the lift is so shaky, and it looks like I could knock down the doors with one flimsy girly kick… Yeah, I’m thinking this guy may be a tough dude living in a badass neighborhood.

I was right.

He opens the door, and seems pretty surprised to see me. I really don’t think he was expecting to see a lady in the national emirati dress in front of his door. He’s a big guy, and looks like he could knock me out with one hand tied behind his back if he wanted to.

I stutter an apology saying I didn’t notice the sign (bullshit, I know. What, shut up!) and – get this – HE ACTUALLY APOLOGIZES. Did you read that? He. Apologizes. For. Locking. Me. Into. HIS. Spot. He says I wouldn’t have done it if I knew you were a lady. Wow, that’s Arab men for you… I mean, it’s clearly MY fault for taking HIS spot; but, to him I’m a lady and you shouldn’t do that to ladies, and so he apologizes for locking me in.

I’m pretty sure if I was a guy I’d definitely have been punched. I’m absolutely CERTAIN I would’ve been walking around with a black eye if I wasn’t a chick. Holy crap, he looked pretty angry! He ranted about people taking his spot all the time, and I said no you were right in locking me in it’s your right it’s your spot etc. He looks embarrassed and apologizes again – which obviously makes me feel even worse and more embarrassed. A whole lot of embarrassement going on there…

So, we walk back to the parking spot while he lectures me about reading signs next time. I continuously agree with him. My face is seriously burning. OMG I can’t believe this.

We reach the cars, and he sees some people parked in someone else’s spot. This time, it’s guys. He goes to yell at them and looks like he’s about ready to punch them, telling them it’s not their spot to park in. I just walk to my car cause I don’t want to be in the middle of a scene. I seriously couldn’t wait to leave. I think he sensed my discomfort and presence and so let them leave while he moved his car for me. Thankfully.

I quickly wave, and leave.

Yes, I deserved the lecture. If he’d called the police to tow away my car he would’ve had every right to as well.

I just got seriously lucky. HAHAHAHAHA what a weird encounter

After realizing that many people – specifically, Westerners – couldn’t really understand what was going on in Egypt, @Furrygirl made a spectacular mashup of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Full comic:


Currently, as I am typing this, Egyptian protestors are heading towards the presidential palace in Cairo. They are protesting Mubarak’s dictatorship.

Let me remind you that this started with Tunisia. No, more specifically, it started with Bouazizi. The street vendor in Tunisia. He burnt himself in protest of the confiscation of his street cart and other possessions, and also in protest of being humiliated by a female municipal official who allegedly slapped him when he tried to protest.

In reponse to his act of self immolation, others have copied him in an attempt to bring an end to oppressive and corrupt Arab republics.

And, the domino effect started.

Ben Ali, Tunisia’s dictator, was overthrown after Bouazizi’s protest. He was extremely corrupt, caused a large rate of unemployment in his country, stole from the government’s money for his own personal use for him and for his family, and abused his power. He now has an arrest warrant after him.

Ben Ali’s wife isn’t any better. She used and abused the state’s funds for herself and her family. The Trablesi family. They were famous for going on shopping sprees in Dubai, and staying at high-end hotels. Leila Ben Ali:

A modern Marie Antoinette: “Let them eat Kunafa!”

 Then, it was Algeria. There are also tensions in Jeddah, Saudi (to help in Jeddah, visit the following blog: (http://mreowsheroared.blogspot.com/2011/01/donating-supplies-for-jeddahrain.html) and Yemen, apparently. Beirut, Lebanon’s case is of internal struggles for power, by governmental parties. Nonetheless, there have definitely been protests.

Currently, the hot news is Egypt. The golden days of Egypt are all pre-Mubarak administration. Pro-Mubarak, they have experienced poverty, corruption, unemployment, and so on. Same story as Ben Ali, more or less.

They have tried to protest in the past, but it was never successful. After Bouazizi’s self immolation and Tunisia’s overthrowing of Ben Ali, they have been encouraged to protest. This time, it’s different. This time, it’s actually organized and planned.

I believe that the information age has definitely been a factor. Planning and organizing in real time, using social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, is quite powerful. Hosni Mubarak realizes this power, and that is why he has shut the internet in Egypt. Mobile phones are  useless, too.

Protests in Egypt

MOST interesting is that on Jan 1, 2011, radical Muslims were attacking Christians in Egypt. Today? Exactly 27 days later? They are UNITED against Hosni Mubarak. Christians were protesting in the streets while Muslims were in the mosque for Friday prayers, protecting them, uniting with them.

AMAZING. Absolutely AMAZING how watching one young man burn himself in Tunisia in an act of desperation, and thereby influencing the overthrowing of a ruthless dictator, and watching it LIVE as it happens, so fast, has had THIS domino effect on the Arab world!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely prefer to refresh hashtags on twitter, specifically the #Jan25 one (http://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23Jan25), to keep up with news, rather than watch news channels such as Al Jazeera or Al Arabiya.

Today, we are our own journalists, reporting news and information to each other. Real, live people reporting the REAL news. No media mumbo jumbo. No journalists blabbing. You read and see events happen, AS they happen.

From the people, TO the people.

You have Wikileaks. Twitter. Facebook. Who knows what other websites will be available in the future?

The real deal is this: People are aiming for 100% transparency.
100% anti-corruption.


Most worrisome to me is the following fact:

Iran has its eyes on these countries, and will be trying to exert Islamic influence on them. Their own ideologies, somewhat. The Muslim brotherhood has its eyes on Tunisia, and on Egypt. Furthermore, Hezbollah is the current ruling party in Lebanon!!! They are Iran’s LARGEST allies. This is NOT good. We do NOT need more Islamic Republics with Iranian ideologies! Too scary, but too real. In desperate times, vulnerable people will look to the Islamic parties for answers. It’s like when the Iranian Shah was overthrown in 1979, and now it’s ruled by an Islamic Republic… Not good. At all.

Message to those victims of oppression and dictatorship: Please do not choose to go for an Islamic government, these so called Muslim/Islamic governmental parties are even more corrupt than your current form of goverment – taking bribes, paying bribes, and so on, all in the name of their own definition of so-called “Islamic thought” which, “coincidentally”, calls for lots and lots of violence.

My 10 Guilty Pleasures

We all like to indulge in something just for ourselves… but it could make us feel guilty, especially if it’s something embarrassing to admit to people. I’ve got a ton of those, because, well, I’m me. Here’s the list:

10. Golden Girls

*stands up*

I am a Golden Girls fan, and I admit it.

*sits down*


I LOVE those girls. So funny, so entertaining! I don’t watch that show all the time, but I sure do watch it from time to time. My favorite is definitely Blanche.

9. Playing video games

It’s the geeky side of me. It stayed with me even after I’ve grown up. My siblings and I always played video games together, and then we grew up, and we all still play them. We just really like them. I’ve got my own Wii, DS, PSP, and Xbox. I also have a gaming laptop; I bought it for the sole reason of it serving a gaming purpose.

I’m kind of planning on building my own desktop. Yes, as I’ve mentioned above, I’ve got a geeky side to me.

8. YouTube

I would youtube anything and everything you could think of. My Favorites are a long, long list. I also am known to share good youtube clips, because I like to spend a lot of time on it, lol. It’s entertaining, shut up.

7. Keeping up with celebrity gossip

I guess many people are into that. It depends on my mood, really. Sometimes I couldn’t care less who did what, but if something interests me enough I’d google it and read up a lot on it.

6. Snacking on: CHIPS, 7UP/Sprite, Watermelon, Popcorn, Chocolates

Yes, I’ve got favorite foods. I like salty snacks more. I love salted chips, namely Salted Walkers. Kind of explains the popcorn, too. I’m not such a fan of sweet food, unless it’s the right time of the month *wink wink*

 Also, I love fruit. Passion fruit and watermelon are my top favorites. Also mandarins. If you’re ever visiting me and want to bring something with you, a little fruit basket would be great. Grapes, I like grapes too. Green apples as well! I like most fruit…

5. Reading  funny romantic novels: ANYTHING Marian Keyes and Sophie Kinsella

I absolutely love those two authors. Any new book by either of them? I buy it. Right away.

They are SO funny. I’m not kidding. No, you HAVE to try their books. Start with Watermelon by Keyes, and Shopaholic by Kinsella.

Yes, she’s the author of the famous Shopaholic books. I didn’t like the movie, the book was much better. Watermelon by Marian Keyes should DEFINITELY be made into a movie.

4. 90s Music: Backstreet boys, etc

Okay, this one is a little embarrassing.



Silliest lyrics ever, but the beat was so catchy, and the boys were eyecandy to young tweens. I absolutely adored them and had all their albums as cassettes…

Not just them, also Britney Spears from her younger years. Nsync. Spice Girls. Omg, remember? LALALALA, SPICE UP YOUR LIFE, EVERY BOY EVERY GIRL, SPICE UP YOUR WORLD! *does a little dance*

My voice isn’t that good, I know, I’ll stop singing now.

3. Dance

Just free dance, going with whatever beat is on. I like to randomly go into it, and it’s a lot of fun. Makes me feel good.

I could randomly be walking and just do a quick little number, then resume the walk. Do I need to mention that I like listening to dance type of music? I usually have my headphones on, and just get into it!

2. TV Shows: Namely, GLEE

Oh. My. God.

I am DEFINITELY a Glee addict. I’ve got ALL their songs in my playlist, ALL OF THEM. I also love, love, love the humor on it. Very mean, very sarcastic, very funny.

I also like to watch my shows in general, like House, Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy (it’s really becoming second best after Glee, this season is pretty good), Private Practice (GA spin-off, not as good, but not bad), and so on…

1. TEA: I indulge In this A LOT

Omg this is my worst guilty pleasure in terms of what would affect my health. Even worse than the 7ups and chips.

I could drink 6 cups a day. I love it. I love green tea mostly. I like black tea a lot, too, which isn’t really healthy…

But, yes, I’m definitely a tea addict!